Jesse Brown update on COVID shots, now open to all vets

Situation Update – Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
04/02/2021 04:02 PM EDT

Jesse Brown VA Medical Center can now provide COVID-19 vaccines to all Veterans, spouses, widows, and caregivers. There are no restrictions on age, health conditions, employment, or type of discharge from military service.

Veterans who currently get their health care from VA can make a vaccine appointment by contacting their care team or calling (312) 569-5801. Veterans who do not currently get health care from VA, spouses, widows, and caregivers must visit the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center or any of the four community-based outpatient clinics to complete a short registration process. Once the registration process is complete, an appointment can be made to get the vaccine. Same-day appointments may be available, depending on the schedule for the day.

Vaccine appointments are available Monday thru Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. with evening appointments available on Wednesdays. Vaccines are provided at the Jesse Brown COVID vaccine clinic at 2215 W. Harrison Street in Chicago and at the Adam Benjamin, Jr. VA Outpatient Clinic at 9301 Madison Street in Crown Point, Indiana.

The recently passed SAVE LIVES Act authorizes VA to provide vaccines to all Veterans, spouses, widows, and caregivers during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Jesse Brown currently has an adequate supply of vaccines to serve everyone now eligible thru the SAVE LIVES Act. As of April 2, Jesse Brown has provided more than 35,000 doses of the COVID vaccines to Veterans, caregivers, and employees.

Anyone with questions about registration, enrollment, or eligibility can call (312) 569-6177 or visit the Jesse Brown Become a Patient site for more information.

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