VU Newsletter December 2022

In This Issue: Remembering Virginia Glass, Air Force veteran and dedicated member of Veterans for Unification. Veterans for Unification November 5th meeting recap and photos. Veterans Crisis Line 988 information. The next meeting for Veterans for Unification is February 4, 2023, 10-11:30AM at the Oak Park Public Library in the Veterans Room on the 2nd Floor.

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VU Newsletter October 2022

Remembering Martin Fecarotta, dedicated member of Veterans for Unification. VU November 5th meeting announcement. National Cemetery Administration (NCA) new interactive search application. Mystery Photo contest Answer. Hines VA Memorial Garden Photos.

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VU Meeting November 2019 Photos

A very special Thank You to Steve Corbo, Curator and Board of Directors Member of the Italian American Veterans Museum in Stone Park, Illinois, and Tom Day, Founder of Bugles Across America, for being our special guests at our November Veterans for Unification meeting.

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