Veterans day FREE supermeal at Superdawg

imageWhen Maurie returned from WWII, he married his high school sweetheart, Flaurie, and together, they opened Superdawg Drive-In. We honor and thank our military heroes, past and present, by giving every Veteran and Active-Duty Military Personnel a FREE Supermeal on Veterans Day! Just identify yourself to a cashier or carhop at either Superdawg location on Wednesday, Nov. 11, for a free Supersandwich and Large Soft Drink! Thank you for your service!! Special times require special catering, and we’ve got you covered!
imageOur individual Superdawg boxes are plain, and we’ll provide you with all the individually portioned condiments on the side! 
Please give our catering specialists a call at 773-478-7800, and we’ll be super thrilled to help! 
***Ketchup packets are for the Superfries, and pickles/ pickled tomatoes are included!***
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