Co-payments at the VA hospitals

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As we know, COVID has caused many disruptions in our lives and the way many things are handled.

One of them is our co-payments for using the VA hospitals or clinics.

Not everyone using the VA has to make a co-payment, but if you are like me (category 7 or 8) I am billed for my meds.

As of April, 2020, the VA has stopped mailing out these co-payment letters but our fees are still being accrued. I contacted VA Jesse Brown and found out I owe $110 to date.

No decision has been reached by the VA as to when these bills will again be mailed. Also, at this time, we don’t know if the VA will ask for all the co-payments at once, waive them or ??

I don’t want to be hit with a very large bill next year so I will be paying my bill now.

So you ask, how do you find out what, if anything, you owe? Use your MyHealtheVet account and send an em to billing. If you don’t have an account, call the VA hospital you use and ask for billing. They will then look it up and advise you different ways of paying it.

If you run into any problems, please contact the patient advocates office at the hospital for assistance.

Best wishes and stay safe, healthy and GOD bless us all.

Ray Toczek
American Legion Service Officer

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Don’t forget, if you are unable to pay, you can file a financial waiver for hardship. The information should be in small print on your bill and a financial form may be included in your notice. You can also make payment arrangements, and or ask for forgiveness. If you receive a tax return, make sure you pay the bill or make arrangements otherwise your tax return may be delayed while they process the deduction, even if it a small amount.

Rochelle Crump
President/Founder National Women Veterans United